Under The Guise of Democracy…

Under the Guise of Democracy…

Nazism…Fascism…Kleptocracy…Seven days into May has shown the real and true face of American politics…spelling doom for America and its citizens.  “Conditional Freedom” is what we have in America…and what we’ve always had…real freedom is not and never has been a guarantee for all Americans… Where in the world does anyone have the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint?

Wherever there are people, and wherever there are those who wield power or government over others…there are impositions of will over the masses…never really the will of the people…because even the will of the people comes into play and conflict with choices that aren’t in alignment with their own… What people fail to comprehend and practice is what may be good and agreeable to you…may not be good and agreeable for another.

Why can’t people stop trying to make others accept their way of thinking when it comes to life and living? As long as what someone else chooses does not infringe upon your right to live your own life as you see fit, why must there be an imposition of your will upon another?

Let us take Roe v. Wade…

Why can’t a woman have choice and privacy as to how she manages her body?  What right does anyone have to decide… aside from any woman… who lives inside her body, or not?

The right to life isn’t respected by people.

Overturning Roe v. Wade is hypocritical at best…

How can people who profess to be “pro-life” justify the indiscriminate and continued murdering of Black Americans? Don’t they have the right to life?

The question of life and viability regarding pregnancy isn’t an issue that should extend itself to anyone who is not faced with such decisions…outside of the women who may find themselves in a position of choice…

Whatever choice is made, women’s health and well being should be the concern.

Before Roe v. Wade became a precedent of law, protecting a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restriction, many women sought out means that put their health and lives at great risk…

As a little girl, I remember a friend of my mother’s who had eight children.  One night my mom received a call…Her friend had discovered she was pregnant and another child was not an option…This was back in the 1960’s…She decided on an abortion…it wasn’t performed by a doctor…and she died. 

Self-righteous views and savior complexes are not needed…no one has the right to decide…condemn…or run interference with a woman’s choice over her body…no matter what…because she will find a way to find a solution…her solution…not yours or anyone else’s… Therefore, safety and well being are the solutions…not your will…Conditional freedom…which is not freedom. 

What has America become?

We will continue…

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